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Bella and the Beast By Izzy Szyn ❤️ Spotlight & EXCLUSIVE Giveaway ❤️ (LGBTQ+ Erotic Romance)

You only thought you knew the story of Beauty and the Beast.

When Bella's father runs into the woman known as the Beast, she agrees to take his place as a prisoner for the next six months. Plenty of time to get out of her pending marriage to the son of the village's wealthiest family.

When Bella is sent a list of demands and rules, one rule stood out: DON'T FALL IN LOVE.

That seemed simple enough, for who could fall in love with a Beast?

"I’m perfectly capable of showering by myself,” Bella protested, when Toby turned on the water, stepping inside
“Bella? Are you disobeying?” Ms. Anna asked her from the bedroom.
Oh, shit. “No,” denied Bella, joining Toby in the shower, the warm water pouring over her.
“Good, I must have misheard,” said Ms. Anna from the door. “Toby, make sure she is clean everywhere.”
“Yes, Ms. Anna.”
“That was close,” Toby said in her ear. “You don’t want to be punished first thing in the morning.”
“You’ve got a point,” agreed Bella, jumping when she felt hands soaping her breasts. Lips moved down her spine, Bella couldn’t stop the moan. Wondering if this was going to get them both in trouble, but thinking it might be worth it. Toby’s hands felt incredible on her body.
“Ms. Anna insists that we clean everywhere,” explained Toby, “Hands up.”
Holding her hands above her head, Bella noticed for the first time a hook over her head. Holding onto the hook while Toby washed her head to toe, the scent of apples and cinnamon filled the bathroom.
“This is my favorite part,” Toby told her, holding up a hand with a bathing glove on, pushing a finger inside Bella’s cunt.
“OH FUCCK,” swore Bella.
“As you wish,” Toby replied, pushing another gloved finger inside her. Fucking Bella’s pussy hard, her fingers brushing her inner walls, making her wetter inside her cunt than her skin from the shower.


The Truth about Porn Star Boyfriends by Sunniva Dee ❤️ Goodreads Grab & Signed Book Giveaway ❤️ (Contemporary Romance)

I guess I just forgot.
To ask him what he did for a living, I mean.
And by the time I did, I was in—balls deep, as he’d call it.
He was the perfect boyfriend.
Attentive, gorgeous, guessing my every wish and fulfilling them.
The sex was earth-shattering.
He even dealt with my crazy mom the way no one else could.
He popped the question, God, such a perfect guy.
There was just one issue:
He f*cked other girls on camera for a living.
How the hell do you deal with that?

I slept over at his house. I did. I just couldn’t go home after everything he told me. I didn’t accept the invite to come with him on the boat today though. I didn’t ask him if he was going without me either. If he is, wouldn’t he be inviting some “friends,” some Alicias or Silks? I don’t want to know.

It’s not difficult to get my shifts back at Mintrer’s. With Il Signore’s nonna at the hospital, the family spends as much time at her bedside as they can.

Mom calls.

She sounds okay.

I need to verify in person even though Paul is next door, hopefully keeping her busy with his garden statues and homemade fountains. He likes my quirky mother because he’s quirky himself. That’s my guess anyway. I don’t think I can handle any new rocks hurled at Status Quo at the moment, especially not from Mom.

The boat is ready.

I only returned to my house two hours again, and this is what Ciro texts me? I roll my eyes. Frieda lowers the bagel she held up for me—everything or just sesame seeds?—and says, “That isn’t the porn star, is it?”

“Yeah, it’s Drake Constantine.” I pull out the syllables mocking him even though each sound opens my chest again.

“Well, at least he’s got a nice artist name. He’s no Jake daBoner or Cassius Erectus.”

I snort.

“Drake Constantine boned me in the ass last night,” she quotes as if from Shakespeare. She gazes beyond the bagel she now holds up like a skull.

I chuckle a little bit, and Frieda smiles. Smiles so wide it makes me feel guilty over everything I’ve put her through. I know she suffers with me. She didn’t sleep last night knowing I was with Ciro.

“What’s he saying?”

“He tells me he’s got the boat ready.”

“For that Catalina trip?”


“You’re not doing that too, are you?” She drops the halves of the bagel into the toaster.

“Not the everything,” I say. “Can I have the sesame seed one instead?”

She presses her mouth together in a stern line but listens and fishes the everything one out and drops the sesame bagel in instead. “Happy now?”


“You’re not going, right?”

“No.” I want to slap my heart and my body for agreeing that we should say yes. “I already told you. I’m visiting Mom this morning, and then I’m working. If I get to do some overtime this weekend, I’m happy. I need the money, and I really don’t want to mope around the house.”

I’ll wait for you if you’re asleep.

I said I wasn’t going. Can’t. We

I hit “send” before I can finish the “We’re over, remember?” part. It was easier to yell it to him when I was furious. Today, I don’t know how I feel.

Why can’t you? He doesn’t ask about the We part? He knows.

“He’s so stubborn,” I murmur and type again.

Because, when are you seeing someone else for a f*** fest?

He deserves that I’m being crude. Hell, he’s being crude every hour of every work day.

He takes a moment to reply. Long enough for Frieda to scoot a plate and the tub of cream cheese in front of me. “Stop texting with him. You’re only dragging it out. You know that, right? I thought you’d blocked him.”

“He has a work phone too. On-freaking-call cell. Ha!”

❤️ To be released August 15 ❤️

Northwoods Magic by Desiree Lafawn ❤️ Book Blitz & Gift Card Giveaway ❤️ (Paranormal Romance)

Quinn Reynolds is desperate for answers. After a near fatal accident, Quinn’s life changes and she is suddenly plagued by dreams of ravens, magic, and a boy with copper-ringed eyes. Told by her doctors that she is delusional, Quinn travels to the Northwoods of Minnesota to find out the truth. But Quinn has another problem that she hasn’t shared. Not only does she dream of magic, she also possesses her own power as well and it scares the hell out of her.

Corbin Olsen has been battling his own demons for the last ten years. After sacrificing everything to save Quinn’s life, she forgot about him completely. He’s thought of her constantly in the years she’s been gone, but nothing prepared him for the woman she has become. Although angry at her for leaving him, Corbin isn’t able to dismiss his need for her.

But Corbin and Quinn are running out of time for a meaningful reunion, the real evil is back and hunting the prey that escaped them all those years ago.

“I don’t know what I have to say to make you understand how important you are to me. I waited ten years. Ten years, Quinn. A decade of loneliness and anger, feeling so bad I thought I would die from it, but still I waited for you.” Corbin looked thoughtfully at the pocket knife in his hands; the one he had been using to cut herbs, and stood up slowly.
“You could cut me with this knife right now and I wouldn’t run away. Is that what it would take Quinn? Do you need to see me bleed for you to understand, because here’s the knife babe, I’ll even stand real still for you.”
Oh, he was so very angry, but it was one hundred percent a different kind of angry than Quinn has assumed he would be. She started to get the sinking feeling that she had screwed up. Again. He stalked towards her with the closed knife in his hands, but when she put her hands behind her back in an effort to refuse he gently but firmly grabbed her wrist and pried her fingers open so that her palm lay flat in his. He placed the knife in her open hand and curled her fingers around it, then waited expectantly.
“Feelings aren’t right or wrong Quinn, they just are. Who do you think you are to tell me how I should feel?” He stepped even closer to Quinn and she fought to stand her ground and not pull away. She was doing this for him, why couldn’t he see that? Why was he trying to get her to second guess her decision?
“Why are you so concerned about being normal?” he continued. “Exactly what part of either of our situations is normal anyway? What does that even mean? Your magic changed me Quinn, but it was my choice you get that? It was my choice to change and my choice to help you and my fucking choice to spend the last ten years waiting for you to get your shit together so I could finally feel like I wasn’t alone. Damn it Quinn I would bleed for you.” He closed his hand around Quinn’s hand, the one that held the knife and punched out the words again.
“I. Would. Bleed. For. You.”

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The Corner Office by by Katerina Baker ❤️ 99¢ Sale, Review & EXCLUSIVEGiveaway ❤️ (Contemporary Romance)

The man she’s always hated may finally take her down.

Tara Johnson's sacrifices are about to pay off: a senior executive at thirty-five at a Fortune 500 company, she's one of the two finalists in line for a Managing Director position. Unfortunately, her rival of fifteen years, the charming, infuriating Richard Boyd, is just as qualified, and unlike her, he's willing to cross pretty much every line to get what he wants.

Of all the things Tara stored in the attic to make it to the top, it's her personal life she misses the most. That is, until she starts a steamy affair with sex god Aidan, her direct report. Interoffice relationships with a subordinate can mean the end of a career, and when Richard finds out, it's the perfect opportunity to take his high-heeled nemesis out, especially since he's still nursing a grudge against Tara for rejecting him years ago.

But Tara's increasingly domineering lover has his own dark secrets, endangering more than just her career. As her liaison spirals out of control, salvation will come from the man she always thought she hated, and perhaps the only one to truly understand her.

This was one wild ride!

First of all, Early-In-The-Book-Aiden was HOT. A therapist would have a field day with this one, but I really liked his edgy possessive intensity when it came to Tara. Insert major plot twist here that I shall not spoil, but holy smokes did I like Aiden in the beginning!

Tara was 100% independent, a "woman's woman" standing completely on her own, full of confidence and can easily hold her own in the male-dominated company she worked for. I liked that sometimes she had doubts and was a little vulnerable, but I also liked how she handled aforementioned plot twist with Aiden.

And then there's Richard. I LOVED Richard. I honestly wasn't sure what to think of him in the beginning, but trust me when I tell you that I think you will love Richard by the end of the book too!

I found myself completely immersed in this book, finding it hard to put down and staying up late to see what happened with Tara, Aiden and Richard. (This is not necessarily a love triangle book, but all three are involved in the plot).

All in all, I REALLY liked this one and am eager to read more books by Katerina!

(I received a copy of this book in consideration of an honest review)

❤️ “What do you want, Richard?'
    "I want to be the only man in your life who can handle you.”

Q. What was the most interesting scene to write?
A. It has to be the vibrator scene, although it continues to mortify me to think that in less than a few weeks my parents might be reading it. What can be more horrifying than having your mom and dad read about a woman using an electronic device to pleasure herself. What if they ask me questions, people? What if they actually want to discuss this scene?

Q. How do you find time to write as a parent?
A. I primarily write in the evenings when my kids are asleep. I am an engaged parent, and try to be part of their lives as much as I can, whether it is helping them with their homework or just hanging out and doing something together. I work full time, and sometimes writing is one thing that has to give. It’s hard to find the right balance. Some nights I’m dead tired, I had an intense day at work and my writing inspiration is non-existent, and I would rather lie on the couch and watch TV. But it’s on the days like that I remember I have two girls who are looking up to me, at my achievements, and I hope that one day when they get discouraged, they would look back at what I’ve accomplished, and they would keep going. Life is a journey, and it’s important to remember that we build our own lives, journey is not an inactivity, journey won’t come to those who wait for something to happen to them. The worst thing in the old age is to look back and wish we’d do something that we’ve always dreamed of. I love writing, and I love the fact that my first novel will finally be available to readers. Despite the fact that my life is rather hectic, I love being busy and creating something.

Q. What are you passionate about these days?
A. I am passionate about women enterpreneurs. I love seeing women at all walks of life pursuing their passions. Enterpreneurship doesn’t have to be starting a big company. It can be an author who’d figured out the art of marketing and who makes a living writing books. With the low profits in the publishing industry it’s quite an achievement. I’ve met this author, Sarah Robinson, who’s been my mentor, and she’s amazing. She releases four-five books a year, and she’s got it all figured out. But what really impresses me about her is the fact that no matter how busy she is, she finds time to help other authors. This is similar to what my character, Tara, does in The Corner Office. She mentors junior women in her company. I think that’s a very admirable trait to pave the way for other women. In our competitive society, sometimes it is quite rare, and I love seeing it happen.
Q. What made you decide to self-publish The Corner Office? How did you know you were ready?
A. Although I wrote the novel more than four years ago, I decided to shelf it for a few years. I submitted it to a few publishers, and although there was interest, many of them wanted to see it revised as a traditional romance. They saw an issue with Tara falling for her subordinate, and her relationship with Richard as a love triangle that “just doesn’t sell.” I contemplated changing the story but ultimately decided that I liked it the way it was. That’s why I waited that long to self-publish: sometimes it’s hard to see beyond the rejections. If the experts believe it doesn’t work, they must know what they are talking about. What ultimately swayed me was the ressurection of feminism that became apparent this year. More than ever in a long while, people are talking about women rights, women advancements. Suddenly people care so much more about women serving on the boards of big corporations, women being paid less for doing same jobs as men, women managing their career and family lives. I felt that The Corner Office was very relevant in the current social climate, and I wanted to get it out.

Q. What do you do to get inspired?
A. I usually don’t need inspiration, I just need time, which is a scarse commodity these days. I try to avoid social media and emails when I am writing, basically creating an environment without distractions. On those days when I need someone to lift me up, I go to my author friends. I’ve created a few Facebook author groups and joined a few others. My relationships with other authors are invaluable. They are my sounding boards when I have doubts or when I need a second opinion. I’d be nowhere without them; I owe so much to these ladies (and a few gentlemen).
But to answer your question, inspiration has a funny timing. It’s usually there for me in the middle of the night; yes, I’m one of those people who came up with pretty cool plot twists while tossing and turning in bed. My husband absolutely loves it. Not. I also tend to come up with good ideas while walking or taking a shower—basically whenever I’ve distanced myself from my computer. I sometimes need to step away from my characters to be able to see the full picture.

Q. What are you reading right now?
A. I haven’t been able to read for more than a few weeks due to my release preparation, which is an unheard-of time for me. I am dying to read The Futures by Anna Pitoniak. I usually alternative between self-published and traditionally published books, and this one caught my attention a while ago. I was always fascinated by the financial crash of 2008, and this book is about a young couple coming of age, whose lives turn upside down during 2008. It’s based in New York, the city I consider my home.

I needed to regroup, figure out what I really wanted. I wanted…something. But hooking up with a random guy definitely wasn’t it.
A woman had other ways to satisfy her sexual cravings. Mine came in trendy silver, with an electronically operated, “modest-sized” device designed specifically for ”her” pleasure. It was there for me when I needed it, it didn’t require any work on my part to get it ready, and it didn’t ask to rank our latest adventure when we were done. “Tara, sweetie, how was it? I feel like this one was at least a solid eight.” My Adam & Eve had a bit more common sense than that.
Today, our ”date” started just like it always did—a quick steamy shower to get my limbs soft and ready, and a little spritz of perfume (hey, I knew my date wasn’t real, but I was trying to get in the mood). I dropped onto my silk, thousand-thread-count sheets, and…nirvana.
Only the ordeal didn’t go according to my plan. The moment I closed my eyes, I saw Aidan’s face. Grinning and looking at me with a devilish smile on his face. His arm with the snake tattoo that went all the way up and around his bicep slid under my blouse and reached for my breasts. Hang on a minute. Why had Aidan invaded my intimate session with my vibrator? Why did he think he was welcome?
I needed a restart.
Some more perfume, extra pillows behind my back.
There, much better.
Ahh, it felt so good.
Aidan, that time bare-chested, showed me exactly where that tattoo disappeared. In the masculine curve between his hard bicep and his shoulder blade.
Damn it.
I wouldn’t be masturbating to the image of Aidan stripping in front of me. He was exerting himself for me at work, not for my climax. We might have shared burritos, but it still didn’t give him the right to turn into my made-up, perfect man who helped me release my tension at the end of a busy day.
Go away, Aidan.
Another attempt.
Total failure.
I was doing something wrong here. As a method of last resort, I tried to bring up the images of a real bad boy I’d met during my trip to Buenos Aires many years ago. Our one real night was steamy, but it couldn’t be compared to the many fake ones when I’d used those memories to help my battery-operated assistant.
Yet, no matter how hard I tried to work my tricks, the images of a bad boy came with a sexy tattoo on his arm, a set of mischievous dimples, and there was nothing remotely Hispanic in those sexy blue eyes.
Fifteen minutes later, orgasm-less and totally frustrated, I threw my vibrator aside and climbed under the covers.

For a limited time!


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Gun for Hire by J.J. Montgomery ❤️ Spotlight & EXCLUSIVE Giveaway ❤️ (Romantic Suspense)

The job should have been easy—patrol a swank beach that serves as a backyard for Maui’s rich, kick out the riffraff, and get a tan in the process. But rent-a-cop Samantha Winters didn’t anticipate a deliciously grumpy cop, Sergeant Grady Roark, who comes down to the beach to bust her chops and instead leaves her breathless…and wondering why the one man who could help her seems determined to thwart her at every turn.

Grady is keeping secrets from Sam that have him walking the line between attraction and duty. But when Sam becomes the target of a shadowy organization, Grady will have to choose between the law and the temptation of a woman who has him breaking every rule he’s ever known.

The job should have been easy, but when the bullets start flying, Sam learns nothing is as easy as it seems when you’re a Gun for Hire.

“The sunlight was intense after a half hour in that gloomy space, but I squinted hard and kept moving toward a narrow set of steps down to the parking lot. Grady walked a few paces behind me, and if he heard the crinkle of paper as I moved, he elected not to say anything.
Grady hit the remote to his truck and grabbed for the passenger side door, his hand light on my elbow as he helped me up. Paper crackled as my butt hit the seat and Grady’s eyes narrowed. Without a word, he slammed my door and went around to the driver’s side, climbing up into the cab and stabbing the keys into the ignition.
“So, I—” I hesitated as I shifted in my seat and my movement was accompanied by the distinct sound of cardboard bending.
“No,” Grady muttered, and clicked on the radio. “No talking.”
“Shh.” Grady put a finger to his lips, his eyes still on the road. “Any minute you’re going to tell me about the felony crime you just committed. And then I’m going to have to deal with the fact that I was an accessory to a felony crime."
“Umm, yeah.” I reached around to the back of my pants and eased the file folder up from my waistband, working it out slowly so as to not lose anything as Grady headed up the hillside toward his house. As I brought it around to look at it, the red block letters damning me to years of incarceration should I get caught, a muscle ticked in Grady’s jaw.
“You stole classified documents.” He shook his head from side to side.
I looked up at Grady and then down at the mangled file with the red Top Secret heading. I took a corner of the front sheet and ripped across the width of the page, separating the words “Top Secret” from the rest of the paper.
“They’re declassified now.” I crumpled up the classification and shoved it in my pocket.
Grady sighed.
I shrugged and opened the file.”