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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Vegas Gambler by Adriana Kraft πŸ’• Book Tour & eBook Giveaway πŸ’•(Erotic Romance)

He’s fifty-one, they’re in their twenties. Can Jack Hawthorne keep up with two women? How will he protect his heart?

Fresh with success from a recent stint in a musical on the Las Vegas Strip, Meghan Keenan takes some time off to play with her current flame, Jack Hawthorne, professional poker player. She’s delighted to add her petite masseuse Tia Minh to the mix and even more thrilled when she learns Tia’s relationship with her boyfriend Tony Sanders is on the skids. It’s the perfect challenge!

Tia has different ideas – she thinks Tony would be perfect for Meg, and she conspires to throw them together any way she can.

Ever the gambler, Jack catches on to her game quickly and keeps the ruse going behind Meg’s back. Who knew his heart was up for grabs?

This is a Contemporary Erotic Romance.

Jack cocked his head to the side. “You sure you won’t stay beyond the summer?”
Meg shook her head. They’d been over this ground before. “You know I need to get back to New York. I need to get on with my life.”
“Sorry I’m such a drag on you.” He gave her a wicked smile. “And you always say my age doesn’t matter.”
“Fifty-one doesn’t make you ancient.”
“I have my days,” Jack said, flipping over a card. “But I know what we have is transitory. Don’t worry about me getting carried away.” He smirked. “But you have been a breath of fresh air for me.”
“Cripes, the way you hang out around poker tables, anyone would provide a breath of fresh air.” Meg smiled and purposely softened her tone. “And you’ve been very good for me, too. I don’t know how I would’ve made it through the hectic pace of the last six months without your steady influence. You’ve always been there, and with few demands.”
“Perhaps,” Jack began wistfully, “I should’ve been more demanding.” He must’ve seen her nostrils flare, because he lifted a hand, forestalling her response. “You’ve renewed my faith in life.” He grinned devilishly. “Even in love.”


Friday, March 16, 2018

Rockstar Secrets by Ja’Nese Dixon πŸ’• Book Tour &Two Gift Card Giveaways πŸ’• (Rock Star Romance)

Millions of adoring fans dream of having one night with him, but only she has access to his heart.
Born with three commas in his bank account and melodies in his veins, Marques Carter is the rising prince of R&B. But not even his family name can guarantees success.
Brione Allen is a smart woman that made a dumb decision: trusting the wrong man. He blackmailed her family and now she’s bound by a debt they knew she couldn’t pay.
A chance meeting at his concert leads to an encrypted proposal: One week, one hundred thousand dollars, one incriminating secret. But when extortion and family ties expose them to the worst of the limelight, which secrets will they keep…and which will threaten their small light of hope?

If you like stories by Bella Andre and Layla Hagen, then this series is for you!

Brione couldn’t take her eyes off the stage. He shifted from left to right until he settled in a shoulder-width stance with one hand behind his back. Her eyes raked over his body from his black shoes to the loose black pants with a sequin detail up the sides of his legs. His muscles rippled under his snow-white shirt and Brione slowly gazed up to find Marques’ eyes and he winked.
Hidden in the haze of the dark room, she decided to give herself this moment. Tonight she wanted to be the version of herself that desired Marques. No one had to know.
Her heart beat louder than the drummer in her ears. Oh to have the skill to magically clear the room and have him all to herself.
Marques stepped to the microphone, “Tonight is a very special night and I plan to make it one you’ll never…ever…forget,” he said to the room but his eyes remained locked on hers.


Tokyo Heat by A.M. Salinger πŸ’• Book Blitz & Gift Card Giveaway πŸ’•(M/M Contemporary Romance)

I want him. I love him. But I don’t know if he feels the same way about me — Gabe
I cherish him. I need him. But I don’t think I have any love left to give him — Cam

A year has passed since Cam Sorvino challenged Gabe Anderson to grant him one night of torrid sex. Now living together and settled in a scorching hot relationship, Cam is happy with things as they are. Until the day Gabe says the three little words Cam is most afraid to hear.

Having overcome the terrible scars of his own past, Gabe knows Cam still has his own demons to fight. But when Gabe inadvertently confesses his love, he can only watch helplessly as Cam distances himself from their relationship.

Will Cam’s fear of having his heart ripped apart drive away the only man he’s ever truly cared for? Or will Gabe finally convince Cam to dare embrace a future with him?

Find out if Gabe and Cam find their happy ever after in this third novella in the hot, contemporary romance series Nights by A.M. Salinger. Note from the author: although each book in Nights can be read as a standalone, you will enjoy this series better if you read the books in order!

This is a novella length MM Romance with a HEA.

Gabe gave his inbox a final glance, logged off, and rose from his desk. He glanced out of the panoramic windows to his left as he shrugged into his suit jacket.
Dusk cast red and orange streaks across the sky above Tokyo, the light washing through the glass and painting amber shadows on the crisp white walls of his office. He looked at his watch, cursed under his breath, and grabbed his bag.
He was five minutes late.
Gabe’s gaze collided with a curious stare as he turned toward the door. A man with dark blond hair and blue eyes stood watching him, one shoulder propped against the frame.
“Got plans for the weekend?” he drawled, cocking an elegant eyebrow.
Gabe smiled, hoping his restlessness didn’t show.
“Yes, I do.”
Rhys Damon studied him for a moment longer before letting out a sigh.
“Ah, to be in love and shacked up.”
Gabe felt his ears grow warm at his boss’s teasing expression.
“I wouldn’t go as far as that,” he mumbled.
“I thought you’d moved in with him,” Rhys said, surprise flashing in his blue gaze. “What’s it been? Six months?”
“I did, and it’s been six and a half,” Gabe muttered.
Not that I’m counting.
He swallowed a groan at Rhys’s sudden sly grin.
“I just sent you the final plans for the Hudson resort,” Gabe said. “Let me know—”
“Rhys!” someone suddenly barked from across the expanse of the open-plan office space outside.
They turned and stared at the hulking, dark-haired man standing in the doorway of a glass room on the opposite side of the floor. Wade Tucker—the other brain behind the incredibly successful, multi-award-winning Chicago-based design firm currently taking Tokyo by storm—scowled at Rhys.
Rhys grimaced.
“It seems the big bad wolf has awakened.” He glanced at Gabe. “Quick, run before he sinks his teeth into you too.”
Gabe hurried toward the elevator and glanced over his shoulder at the two men facing each other stiffly across the empty office. He doubted he was the only one who had noticed the increasing tension between the firm’s partners over the last year.
Best friends since their college days, Rhys Damon and Wade Tucker had followed in each other’s footsteps throughout their early careers, often as rivals bidding for the same contracts. They’d finally set up shop as Damon & Tucker. Twelve years on and their company was now among the top twenty in the business for luxury interior design, consulting, and branding, catering to some of the most exclusive resorts and hotel chains around the world, as well as affluent private clients.
All thoughts of his bosses’ woes fled Gabe’s mind when he exited the lift and entered the lobby of the glass-and-steel edifice that housed the Tokyo branch of the firm.
A man stood leaning against a navy-blue Jaguar saloon parked at the curb outside, hands tucked in the pockets of his tailored suit and powerful legs crossed at the ankles. He seemed oblivious to the stares he was drawing from the passersby and office workers leaving the building, his eyes focused on the foyer.
Although the car was a stunning piece of art and engineering, Gabe knew it was its dark-haired owner who had captured the avid interest of the men and women openly ogling him.
Gabe’s pulse jumped when he met the man’s gunmetal stare through the glass wall. He still couldn’t quite believe that he was going out with Cam Sorvino, the king of one-night stands. His gaze dropped from Cam’s stunning face and full lips, to his stubbled jaw and hard physique.
Nor can I believe I’ve had sex with that gorgeous body.
Heat warmed Gabe’s cheeks when he recalled the last time they’d shared a bed.
It had been over a week ago, a fact that had obviously frustrated Cam as he barely let Gabe sleep that night. His job as an asset manager for one of the biggest investment firms in Asia had taken him to Singapore for most of the last month and he only returned to Tokyo on the weekends, often late on Saturday afternoons.
Though Gabe loved nothing more than being in Cam’s arms, he knew the commute was taking its toll on his lover, which was why he’d asked Cam to fly back early this week.
Cam’s gaze grew heavy-lidded as Gabe crossed the sidewalk and approached the car. Gabe knew that if it wasn’t for the people around them, Cam would have pulled him into his embrace and kissed him senseless. Gabe stifled a sigh, somewhat grateful for their audience.
Once they started touching each other, there would be no stopping them. And Cam’s libido had turned voracious as of late, his appetite not even remotely quenched until they’d had at least four rounds of toe-curling sex and Gabe’s voice was hoarse from crying and moaning in pleasure.
“I’ve packed us a couple of overnight bags, like you instructed,” Cam said in a smoky voice that sent tingles down Gabe’s spine as he opened the passenger door of the Jag. “So, where are we headed, Mr. Anderson?”
Gabe slipped onto the cream leather seat and waited until Cam climbed in beside him before giving him the address of the place he’d booked them in for the weekend.
Cam raised an eyebrow.
“The beach?” His lips curved. “Does this mean I get to see you in swim trunks?”
Gabe’s pulse skittered at the passionate gleam in the gray eyes watching him.
“It’s a hot springs, so, no.”
Cam grinned.
“Even better. You’ll be naked.”
Gabe rolled his eyes as Cam started the engine and steered the Jag around.
Although the drive to the Izu Peninsula took over two hours, the time flew by while they chatted about their week, soft jazz music playing from the speakers as the vehicle ate away the miles.
Cam’s eyes widened when he drove into the paved courtyard of the traditional Japanese inn sitting on the small spur of land jutting out from the coastline, the headlights briefly illuminating the golden stretch of sand leading to the Pacific Ocean. He parked the car, his gaze lingering on the open vista before switching to Gabe.
Gabe smiled, a flutter of excitement sending his pulse racing at the night he’d planned for them.
“I’m glad you like it.”
They collected their bags from the trunk and headed for the entrance.
Cam hesitated when they reached the porch, his hand on the handle of the front door.
“You didn’t design this one too, did you?”
Gabe blinked. His ears grew hot as he suddenly recollected the exclusive Tokyo hotel where they’d first made love a year ago. It was where he’d also rather splendidly lost his cherry to the magnificent man beside him. Gabe’s cock twitched as he thought of that night. Though sex with Cam always blew his mind, their first time together was incredibly precious to Gabe.
It was Cam who had finally helped him overcome the trauma of his past, when he’d nearly been raped by five men who’d paid his then boyfriend to tape their vile acts on camera, leaving him unable to sleep with anyone for over eight years despite regularly seeing a therapist. The gentle yet passionate way Cam had made love to him that time, how Cam had engraved his touch and scent on Gabe’s body until he utterly and completely lost himself in the act, how he’d brought Gabe to one earth-shattering climax after another—all of it were priceless memories Gabe would take to his grave. Not that he would ever admit this to Cam.
Gabe chuckled at his lover’s guarded expression.
“No, I didn’t design this place.”
Relief flashed across Cam’s face.
“Good. I’d seriously feel as if I were committing blasphemy otherwise.” Cam sniffed. “Not that sex with you isn’t the most unholy, wicked thing I’ve ever experienced in my life. I mean, there’s some stuff we’ve done that I—”
“Shut up, Cam!” Gabe hissed, clamping a hand over Cam’s mouth as a hostess headed across the foyer toward them.
Cam grinned and licked Gabe’s palm. Gabe swallowed a groan at the tingle that shot through him.
This erotic asshole.

Watching You by Leslie A. Kelly πŸ’• Book Blitz & Gift Card Giveaway πŸ’•(Romantic Suspense)

In the first book of a thrilling new romantic suspense trilogy, USA Today bestselling author Leslie A. Kelly shows just how hot – and how dangerous – Hollywood can be.

In the shadows, someone is always watching
Aspiring screenwriter Jessica Jensen grew up on movies starring heartthrob Reece Winchester, the eldest brother of a Hollywood dynasty. She never thought she’d meet the man in person, though. Actor, director, millionaire, and gorgeous mystery man-he’s every woman’s fantasy.

Reece wants Jessica the moment he sees her, and he’s a man who always gets what he wants. At first he was only after a night in her bed, but as he comes to know the smart, confident woman beneath the stunning exterior, he realizes once will never be enough.

Unfortunately, Jessica’s real-life Cinderella story is about to take a deadly turn…

Reece’s world is filled with fierce ambition and dark family secrets the Winchesters desperately want to hide. But he and his brothers aren’t the only ones who know those secrets. Someone else is out there, waiting to strike. Waiting-and always watching.

When danger finally steps out of the shadows, Reece will have to face his past. And Jessica will have to decide just how far she can trust the man she loves with her heart…and her life.

Copyright Leslie A. Kelly
Please do not reproduce without permission from the author

“I’m wondering,” he said, lifting a hand and brushing his fingertips against her jaw, his thumb rubbing against her bottom lip. “Why did she disguise your beautiful face?”
Completely shocked, she couldn’t reply for a moment. Her jaw fell open, and she stared up at him, wondering how he could sound so certain. He wasn’t trying to tease the truth out of her, he sounded like he was absolutely sure she’d modeled for the piece, when in truth, there was no way he could know. She had no tattoos, no distinguishing marks, nothing made her body any different from any other woman’s. He had to be guessing.
But she knew he was not.
“Who told you?”
Liza wouldn’t. She just wouldn’t. But maybe she needed to show Sharon the model release forms, one of which Jess had signed. Might Reece have seen it?
“Nobody told me,” he said, sounding utterly truthful.
“Then how could you know?”
He raked a hot gaze down her body. “How could I not?”
“ recognized me?”
He nodded. “The minute I saw the statue.”
She gulped. “No one else ever has.”
“No one else sees you as clearly as I do.”
Wow. Great line. Only, she didn’t think it was a line. He sounded totally serious.
“I’ll repeat the question,” he said. “Why the secrecy? Why did she hide your face?”
Licking her lips, Jess wished she had brought a drink with her. Her mouth was so dry, and it was so darned hot in here. Well, it wasn’t hot in the room, but the heat he put off was melting her like she was a Hershey bar left on a dashboard.
“She didn’t need my face.” Trying to lighten the moment, and cover her embarrassment, she forced a laugh and looked away. “Wanted only for my body. Story of my life.”
“Don’t do that,” he said, his tone forbidding. “Don’t mock yourself.” He took her chin in his hand and tilted her face up to look directly into her eyes. She quickly fell back into wild, hypnotic Reece-land where thought didn’t exist and there was only action and reaction, motion and emotion. “She wanted your face. Didn’t she.”
It wasn’t a question. And Jessica didn’t try to deny it.
“Why did you say no?” he asked, dropping his hand. She immediately missed its warmth, which was crazy since she’d just been mentally whining over how freaking hot it was in here.
“I guess I didn’t want the notoriety. I’m trying to be taken seriously as….” Realizing if she said she wanted to be a screenwriter he might assume she was about to go all Hollywood on him and launch into a script-pitch, she changed direction. “I mean, I work at a bar and already have to fend off grubby men with grabby hands. The last thing I’d want is for any of them to see that piece, recognize me, and decide to be more persistent with their attention.”
His jaw flexed, as if he was gritting his teeth, and the eyes narrowed. “They touch you?”
“Perils of working in a place called Hot Buns.” Seeing his confusion, she added dryly, “We don’t sell burgers, and we wear short shorts.”
He got it now, and the jaw tightening thing got worse. “Why?”
“Why do I work there?”
A nod.
“Girl’s gotta eat.” She gestured toward the statue. “Look at those thighs, I’ve obviously gotta eat a lot.”
His eyes narrowed. “I told you not to do that anymore.”
She gulped. He was deadly serious, as if he had the right to give her orders. It was cave-man. It was unacceptable.
It was kind of hot.
“Self-deprecation doesn’t suit you. You have to know you’re beautiful.”
Good Lord. Reece Winchester was telling her she was beautiful? And he sounded like he really meant it? She knew she was sexy. She had assets and knew how to flaunt them. But nobody had ever called her beautiful.
Now Liza? Oh yeah. Her sister was soft, fragile. Any guy would look at her and think, “She’s so lovely.” Jess? They’d think, “I’d do her.”

Who are some of your favorite authors?

My reading tastes are just as varied as my writing ones, so I have favorite authors in several genres. Stephen King is my go-to horror guy. For meaty, quirky, heart-wrenching drama, I love John Irving. Historical fiction? Hilary Mantle (I’ve been panting for the last Wolf Hall book!) I love Tessa Dare and Courtney Milan when it comes to historical romance. For romantic suspense—Karen Rose is a huge favorite. For paranormal—I am not a vampire or shifter fan, so paranormal is a bit limited for me. But I do love Alyssa Day’s Atlantis series. And for contemporary romance, you just can’t beat my good friends Carly Phillips, Erika Wilde, and Jill Shalvis.

Who are some authors in your genre that inspire you?

Karen Rose inspires me to write smart suspense that makes you gasp as you read, and I love the really sexy contemporary romances by HelenKay Dimon.

What sort of research did you do to write this book?

I actually read a lot of Hollywood gossip magazines, which I don’t usually do. The big stories about the abuse in the movie industry broke when I was working on this series, which was both heartbreaking and fascinating, considering that plays a part in the world I’ve created.
I also found it interesting to do some research on script writing, something I’ve dabbled in, because that’s what my heroine, Jessica Jensen, wants to do.

What are you working on now? Any chance of a sequel?

Actually, yes. The Hollywood Heat series will contain three books, one for each of the Winchester brothers. Each one is sexier than the last, and I really can’t wait to get to bad-boy, gruff youngest brother, bodyguard Raine Winchester.

What started you on the path to writing for a living?

My husband did! I always liked to write, but had never actually tried to get published. In the late 1990’s, I was a stay at home mom with three little girls under the age of seven. I was going a little stir crazy. My wonderful hubby came home one day with an article he had clipped out of the local paper about a class called How To Write a Romance Novel being offered at a local bookstore. He had already signed me up, and pushed me out the door so I could do something just for myself one night a week.
During that class, I started the book which eventually became my first published work, Night Whispers, published by Harlequin Temptation in 1999.

How did you break into the publishing world?

After finishing Night Whispers, I sent it, unsolicited, to an editor at Harlequin, who I’d heard speak at an RWA conference. I broke all the rules (you’re supposed to query!) but she liked it enough to buy the book.

What are the upsides and downsides to being an author?

Funny, one big upside is also a downside. It’s awesome to get to work at home in your pajamas and not have to get up and put on work clothes and go to some office.
That, however, can also be a downside. When I’m really deep into a project, I sometimes forget to bathe, much less get dressed. Lol!
It can also be a bit lonely, especially now that I’ve moved to a new city where I know nobody. Without that job interaction, and without having young kids involved in activities, it can be a rather lonely profession. I’m so very grateful for my writing friends, who pump me up every day, even if only through emails, texts, and phone calls.

How did you come up with the idea for your book?

I think I’ve always played a mental what-if game about what it would be like to draw the unfocused attention of a super-sexy, super-rich, super-famous Hollywood movie star. I just needed to find the right kind of heroine and the right kind of story. When I came up with Jessica Jensen, an extremely snarky, sassy, fun and funny young woman, I realized she might be exactly the type who would catch a movie star’s eye.

What is the main thing you want readers to take away from your book?

That they like it? Lol!
No, seriously, I hope they put the book down feeling really satisfied with the romantic relationship, and the plotline of Watching You. But I also hope they’re really curious about the Winchester family and want to know more about the secrets that they’ve kept and the dark mysteries of their past.

How do you deal with writer’s block?

Like a lot of authors I know, I’ve had real battles with depression. A few years ago I went through a really bad patch that cost me about two years of writing. It essentially destroyed my career, which had been going pretty steadily until then. But in this day and age, with readers wanting books from their favorite authors every couple of months, it just killed my name recognition and cost me readers.
I can’t kick myself too much for that, though. I was battling something I had struggled with for my entire life, and finally, with some professional help, was able to wrangle that beast on my back (and in my brain) and find some balance and contentment…not to mention my muse.

Do you outline books ahead of time or are you more of a by-the-seat-of-your-pants writer?

Definitely seat of your pants! I try to plot, I really do, but the stories inevitably veer off into new directions as I get to know the characters and what’s happening to them.

What do you do in your free time when you aren’t writing?

Honestly, I most love being with my husband, Bruce, and my children. Living in Denver as we do now, we’ve really gotten into the lifestyle here, and Bruce and I love going for long drives, picnics, hikes, kayaking…and then there’s always the awesome cities of Denver and Boulder just a hop skip and a jump away. We really love it here.

You write in several different genres, some of which aren’t usually associated with each other. How did you go from writing sexy romantic comedies to dark romantic suspense?

Honestly, I get bored if I do too much of the same thing in a row. Although I loved writing my many (MANY!) sexy contemporary romances for Harlequin Temptation, Blaze, and HQN, I really also love dark suspense, thrillers, and horror. So when I decided to try to branch out, romantic suspense seemed to be a good fit. That was my intention, anyway, but when I wrote my Black CATs series for NAL, I found myself going darker than I’d intended. I’d say those books verge almost on romantic thriller than romantic suspense.
After that, I sold the Veronica Sloan series to a German publisher, and they wanted straight dark, futuristic thrillers. That series never really took off here, but I did love writing it, bloody and brutal though it was.
If I had to name the books of my heart, that would be my Extrasensory Agents series. I’d gone from contemporary romance, to romantic thrillers, to futuristic suspense…so why not throw in some psychics and ghosts into a new paranormal suspense series? I have written four of those books, and plan to continue self publishing them.
Then came the Hollywood Heat series. It seemed weird that I’d never just gone for straight, sexy romantic suspense in an effort to really blend my light contemporaries with my dark thrillers.
I hope I was successful…I guess readers will let me know.
As for what I’ll write next? Well, who knows. I honestly might try for a cozy mystery one of these days!

Your new series is about movie stars and Hollywood. Have you ever had any movie-star interactions of your own?

I am a huge Broadway nut, and fortunately, a lot of famous actors like to appear on Broadway every once in a while. Because most of them will come out the stage door and chat with fans after each performance, I always make a point of waiting for a quick chat or an autograph. That’s how I’ve met people from John Lithgow, to Kelsey Grammar, to Idina Menzel, to Bernadette Peters…and (wait for it) Hugh Jackman! (be still my heart)
I’ve never run across a star who wasn’t entirely gracious!

Beyond the story blurb, what is WATCHING YOU all about?

I like to think of Watching You as a sort-of cross between a Cinderella story, Pretty Woman, and Psycho.
There’s definitely a Prince Charming-sweeps-the-normal-girl-off-her-feet element. Jessica Jensen is a Cinderella—a former foster kid and orphan who’s learned to take care of herself and takes no b.s.
But there’s also a dark, dangerous mystery enveloping the passionate relationships she gets caught up in with director Reece Winchester.
Somebody is stalking him—and she soon catches that someone’s eye. Things aren’t exactly what they seem, there are old family mysteries the Winchester brothers want to keep hidden that are being dragged out of the shadows and back into the light. There are murders, attacks, and high-stakes danger.
And, I think, there’s a really fun, solid, sexy romance between two exciting and unique people.